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SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS is one of the best games ever made.

Hell, it's one of the best experiences I've ever had, regardless of media.
Anyway, my buddy Dean and I were standing around in a carpark one day and the wind started to blow and whisper of an impending storm.
As the clouds gathered and darkness fell, we started to discuss how much we wanted a Colossus to just wander along at that exact moment.
Unfortunately, one did not.
Because reality sucks, children. Learn that lesson.

Therefore, we began to share our feelings regarding our collective love for this beautiful game.
What you will find below is a collection of ideas and concepts about a sequel to SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS that we both, plus many others, desperately want.

These ideas were started by Dean Blackley and I...and then I got a bit carried away and couldn't stop.

Enjoy and dream of what could be.

- Play the game alone or with a friend.
- Branching storyline allows for separate adventures to be had by both players that separate/rejoin at key points during the narrative. Each player will depend on the other.
For example; one of Player 1's solo quests will finish at a point that will arise at the end, or midway, between one of Player 2's solo quests. At this 'intersection', the co-op mode will kick in and the players will be reunited until the next time the adventure calls for the players to split up.

- If your friend falls while climbing (and you are within reach) you can reach out and grab each other's wrists. One player must initiate the GRAB for the fallen and, once grabbed, both players must BUTTON PRESS in order to maintain the grip and pull the fallen back up. This is very useful when the higher climber falls past the lower climber.
- The monkey-grip can also be used on horseback when quickly galloping past the standing friend. The players correctly time the grip so that the mounted player swiftly pulls the other up into the saddle behind them, without breaking stride or losing speed.

- Grappling hooks and ropes can be used to help with climbing or even to set traps and trip-wires for the Colossi.
- Ropes can be thrown from player to player. One must initiate the THROW and the other must time it to succesfully make the CATCH. Imagine hanging on to the shoulder of a massive quadripedal Colossus with your friend hanging on the other shoulder. You must make the Colossus go where you need it to, therefore; you throw a rope under the head to your friend and he catches it so that a makeshift 'bridle' can be made to guide the Colossus.

- One of the Colossi (once 'defeated') will become your ally. It will help you in various ways, such as:
- Helping to reach extremely high points that are unable to be climbed to.
- Breaking through barriers to open up new routes and areas.
- Walking under (dangerous) water while you (and horse) stand upon the Colossus' raised hand above the surface, like a ferry.
- Targeting, then throwing the player to great heights in order to reach a high-flying Colossus.

- You will encounter Colossi that cannot be approached. They must be distracted first...
- You must lead one Colossus to another. These fiercely territorial Colossi will then engage each other in combat.
- Using this distraction, you will now be able to find a way to climb the previously unapproachable Colossus and take it down...while it is fighting another Colossus.

- The tracking of the Colossi is planned in a way that allows your quest to progress naturally through the environment as you travel all throughout this vast land.
- One Colossus will always lead to a clue or the direction of the next...

- Various acrobatic flips and tricks and the use of parkour will help you navigate your way over, under, around, and through obstacles when you are chasing, or being chased by, various Colossi.
- One such Colossus dwells within a maze of ancient ruins. You must lure it after you (even with co-op assistance) and use parkour to outrun and outmanouevre it.
- These ruins are at the dark heart of a mountain; therefore you must tempt the Colossus out of it's Weak Point Symbols are only revealed in sunlight.
- After the ruins, you must flee upward through a massive shaft in the mountain towards the cave mouth near the top, with the Colossus still in pursuit.
- Your friend will be waiting up on the mountain by the cave mouth so that; once you emerge with the Colossus following, they can leap upon the Colossus and attack the sun-exposed weak points while the Colossus chases you down the mountainside; crashing through ruins and structures that you must navigate once more using parkour.

- This Colossus is climbing around on the side of a massive mountain face.
- You must climb down from an opposing cliff-face and then use rope to swing across the huge gap and reach the Colossus; taking care not to let the high-altitude winds blow you down from the rope and send you to your death on the rocks in the ocean far below.
- As you hold on and climb the Colossus while it climbs higher and higher; you have to watch out for avalanches that it can cause and hide beneath sections of it's armour during them so you're are not swept off.

- A very fast running Colossus gallops along and then enters a system of canyons.
- You must give chase on horseback along the canyon edge so that you can leap from the horse and drop onto the Colossus in the canyon. You then use your rope to gain control and 'steer' the Colossus through the canyons towards a mountain that your friend has climbed.
- As the player on the mountain sees the other approaching in the distance with the Colossus, they take flight using an old repaired hang-glider. As the Colossus passes by the mountain, the player swoops down with the glider so that the players can reunite upon the galloping Colossus' back and are able to take it down together.

- This massive Colossus is hidden behind a great waterfall.However; as you proceed to climb and the Colossus starts to move, it is revealed that the waterfall is actually a part of the Colossus.
- You must be careful of the falling water from the Colossus and also move behind some of the waterfalls on it's body so that you can 'enter' the Colossus and find a different route upward when the water blocks you.

- You will be forced to adapt to different conditions when the weather changes. Rain and snow will fall. Storms will rage. Winds will blow. And day will turn to night.
- Fire can also be used when the situation calls for it.
- One Colossus that dwells in the snow will have to have some of his armour melted by fire before climbing is an option. These must be set from afar via flaming arrows, but also up-close; for in order to maintain the thaw, you must light fires UPON the Colossus as you climb it.

- During a fierce storm with pouring rain, you must make your way through the treetops of a massive forest; using a system of catwalks, suspension bridges and lookout towers high-up in the canopy.
- After locating the Colossus, you must begin to set fires in the canopy; this will get his attention and anger the Colossus, as he acts as a guardian for the forest and will proceed to follow after you and the fires in order to extinguish them.
- The storm will eventually snuff the flames out, so you must make sure to keep lighting fires as you flee, so that the Colossus continues to focus on you and follow as he lumbers through the forest and looms above you, drawing closer...
- The Colossus cannot be harmed while in the forest and there are no handholds on his legs which are below the canopy. You must lure it out of the trees so that your friend can spring a rope trap and trip it as it enters a river clearing. While it is down, you can begin your climb as it stands back up...

- There is one Colossus who dwells within an active volcano. Magma courses through channels upon it's body surface; therefore, you must lure it out of it's lair and into a lake so that it's lava cools off, hardens, and allows you to climb it. You must be quick and use caution, though, for the Colossus will be returning to the lair, and it's lava will start to heat up and flow again as it nears the volcano...

- This Colossus is sort of like a giant turtle and as you begin your climb; it submerges and you are pulled deep underwater with it.
- As you make your way around it's body, you must seek out air-pockets in it's armour so that you can rest and regain your breath; for it remains underwater until you strike the first weak point symbol which causes it to breach the surface and then re-submerge.
- This is a very long Colossus battle and 99% of the encounter is spent deep underwater.

- The entire quest serves almost as a massive archaeological excavation. Because after each Colossus is defeated, a clue or a piece of the MASSIVE final Colossus is revealed. For it lies dormant and buried beneath the vast mountains and landscape that you have spent all this time travelling around during your journey.

Well, that's about it.
Does anybody have Fumito Ueda or Team ICO's email address?
I'm tired of just playing this game in my mind.

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